(Still frame from the film)

This is a sneak peak of a cue written for the short we’re working on. It started off with a simple chord progression. I played it with a local musician/guitarist Bruno and I asked him to play along in an Argentinian style. He started playing with a up/down/mute strum. I really liked it and ended up using it.

The song actually has lyrics in Spanish (not in this recording). Maria wrote lyrics for the song and taught me how to sing them. I’m not extremely good at remembering lyrics in English, so you can imagine how it is in Spanish… Not sure if the singing with lyrics will end up in the film or not.

We also wanted to get sort of a monastery sound to add color and flavor. This meant I wanted some sort of choir sound. I’m a bit embarrassed to say this but the choir ended up being mostly me. Once again I utilized the infamous Matthew choir.