Another orchestral piece with french horn and strings. The director wanted these swells of emotion hitting twice in the piece. It’s interesting pairing the flute with french horn for that triumphant feel, but with a sense of the ethereal. 

The Polish graphic designer, Michal Karcz, gave me permission to use this image with the music.

An orchestral piece for a show I’m working on about Billy Graham’s life. Arranged for french horn and strings on this one. 

The Polish graphic designer,Michal Karcz, gave me permission to use this image with the music.

Writing has started for our next short screenplay. One thing I like to do is work on musical ideas at the same time we’re working on the story. A lot of times writing the music out gives me ideas about the story and vice versa. This music clip is a little musical idea I’ve had. Although this film will probably be in Spanish as well, we want the music to be more universal. We really weren’t planning to do another Spanish film, but we just felt that this story would be told best in Spanish and in the Argentinian culture (or we just wanted a good reason to return to Argentina). That means different instruments and different chord progressions.

I want you to realize that it’s not easy for me to post unfinished material, but I just want to share the process. For some reason, being able to share the process seems to make it even more enjoyable. At some point, when I have more knowledge and experience under my belt I think that I would enjoy teaching music to others. Until then I’ll just make these sort of posts and try not to bore you. 

P.S. The sheet music pictured above is actually the music you’re hearing. It looks crumpled because… well, I get carried away with Photoshop.